We're a boutique creative agency based in the great outdoors.


We don’t just advertise. Everything we do is driven by our goal to create value and shape a meaningful connection between brands and people.
We bring people closer to nature, make them dream about the wilderness, discover unseen places and fuel their adventure spirit.

Your fully remote Content Creation Hub.

what we do

We're always on the move and ready to create amazing content from anywhere in the world. As a small team that's been working remotely long before it was cool, we know how to get the job done no matter where we are.
We've discovered that our love for travel is a huge advantage when it comes to our work. From the majestic Alps to sunny Portugal to breathtaking Iceland, we're always seeking out new locations to capture the perfect shot.
This way we can offer you a broad range of diverse shooting locations while creating along the way. Of course we are also more than happy to work with you from wherever you are.

Meet Tarah - the ultimate dream maker and a storytelling mastermind! With a passion for content marketing and digital storytelling, Tarah is all about bringing her client's visions to life.
After leading the photography team at one of Austria's top creative agencies and working with some of the biggest brand names, Tarah decided to take her skills to the next level by starting her own business, focused on helping outdoor and purpose-driven brands reach their full potential.
From crafting the perfect concept to defining the right visual style, organizing the whole production, and managing your social media presence, Tarah's hands-on approach will ensure that everything flows seamlessly.
When Tarah's not busy creating magic on her laptop, you'll find her hiking, yoga-ing, or planning her next travel adventure. She believes that exploring the world is the perfect way to find inspiration and bring fresh ideas to every project.

Co-Founder, Creative Producer, Social Media Expert

Tarah Voss

Freelancing for big global clients for nearly a decade, David knows how to push the edge in order to create outstanding visuals that go right under the skin.
With a fluent understanding of alpinism and a keen eye for detail, David is able to push boundaries and create stunning footage in even the most remote locations. Whether he is scaling a rock face or skiing down a mountain, David's photography captures the raw beauty of the wilderness and the moments that make outdoor sports so thrilling.
David's commitment to his craft extends beyond just capturing great footage. Driven by a deep desire to showcase the raw beauty of our surroundings, David is constantly seeking new ways to capture and share moments that inspire and move others. With his contagious enthusiasm and talent behind the camera, David is truly a force to be reckoned with in the world of outdoor photography.

Co-Founder, Photographer, Videographer

David Herzig

We aspire to explore.
We aspire to create.
We aspire to inspire.

Aspire studio

In people over profit

we believe

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what we value


At Aspire Studio, we believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and what better way to do that than by exploring the great outdoors? We're on a mission to get more people outside and experiencing all the excitement and wonder that nature has to offer. 
We are committed to protecting our planet and preserving its natural beauty for future generations. So join us on our mission to explore, protect, and enjoy the great outdoors. It's time to get outside and make some memories that will last a lifetime!


We understand your target group because we are your target group. We live and breath the great outdoors, exploring vast landscapes, climbing mountains, and flying off from the highest peaks. We're passionate about everything from trail running and mountain biking to kayaking or camping, and we bring that same level of excitement and energy to every project we take on.


Hands on, easy going and efficient. Being a lean team we combine great expertise and work extremely well together, while staying agile and dynamic. Everything we do is driven by our goal to create the best possible outcome and we always walk the extra mile to do so. 

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